Recent Work

I think the quality of my work has really picked up after I met Andi who is my go to and incredibly talented make up artist.  She understands make up, she understands fashion make up and she understands texture, highlight and dew and how it reacts with the light. There is a huge difference in her technique compared to every other make up artist I’ve worked with.  I’m glad she and I connected


Harkening back to the film days


Harkening back to the film days.  I bought this a few months ago on a whim because I made a lot of money and I thought, eeeehhhh I always wanted a $1500 film camera that I will most likely rarely use.

The camera club did an activity where we were able to develop our own film so I ran this through all its abilities and came up with some really great prints of my friends.  I’m glad I was able to lens them with this camera.