NC Hot Air Balloon Festival



Had a chance to check out the hot air balloon festival in Statesville, NC this weekend.  It was a cool event, except we didn’t know the balloons don’t launch after sunset, they just sit pretty at night like lanterns.  Would have been nice to see them go up, but oh well!

Something Timeless

IMG_0390 copy




The Mercedes Benz CLK Coupe.  It had a run between 1997-2009.  It is a great car that is sadly, no longer produced.  The W208 chassis was definitely the most beautiful of them all.  This is destined to be a classic like the old 300E and E320 coupes of the late 80s with its smooth sloping lines and its tried and true bulletproof 3.2 liter engine.  Enjoy these photos where I had a chance to drive this car on some of the most beautiful roads in California.

More Adventures in the South


It seems like everywhere you are in the South, there’s a picturesque place to find and explore.  Fields that stretch for miles that are just minutes away from big cities, nature everywhere waiting to be photographed and most importantly, experienced.


Horses and mules hang out behind the backyard in North Carolina.


Kayaking is always fun, especially as the leaves are changing colors as Fall comes to a close.


The waters are chillier in October, even in the South, so be sure to put on a sweater!


Kayaking into the sunset, we just wish we could stay beyond closing time and admire the stars the way that they should be admired, in pure darkness.