Newish Ride. 325i 5-spd MT. No options.

A pure driving machine. I’ve always wanted one of these and found a bare bones no option 2003 model with only 85,000 miles on the clock.  One requirement though, it had to be a stick shift.

The E46 chassis of the 3-series is by far and will always be my favorite iteration of the famed sports sedan.  One doesn’t need a ton of power to how fun in a 3er.  The engine, despite only being a 2.5 liter putting out 185 horsepower and 176 lb ft of torque, sings as it screams towards red line in each gear.  Making trips to the gas station more frequent unfortunately.

Compared to the 4 cylinder turbocharged models of today, which sounds like listening to Taylor Swift on a pair of shitty Jawbone bluetooth speakers, the snarl of the M54 inline 6 sounds like a tube amp producing the warm, thick but raucous guitar notes of a Rolling Stones anthem.  Sure the 4 cylinders produce power, but it’s not all about power.  Sure you might get to the next stop light or on ramp 1 second faster than me, but it’s not about the destination.  It’s about the journey.

It’s 1am in the morning as I write this, but I think I’ll go take it for a spin one more time before having to think about all the preventative maintenance I’ll have to do on it to keep in tip top shape.


NC Hot Air Balloon Festival



Had a chance to check out the hot air balloon festival in Statesville, NC this weekend.  It was a cool event, except we didn’t know the balloons don’t launch after sunset, they just sit pretty at night like lanterns.  Would have been nice to see them go up, but oh well!

Snowmaggedon Charlotte 2015

Not as much snow as last year, but that’s a good thing because I was actually able to drive on the roads this year.  Last year, it was impossible unless we had snow tires.  So all in all, less snow this year, but less restriction on travel meant I was able to go to Uptown and see the city during the storm.  All shot with a Canon 6D and 40mm f2.8 lens.

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Skiing X Mission Workshop Rummy


The Mission Workshop in Waxed Canvas is actually a great skiing bag.  It’s softer cotton canvas wraps around your back better compared to the stiffer cordura material of the normal Rummy.  Because it’s a messenger you can easily swing it away from your back, around your chest when you get on the ski lift.  The waxed cotton canvas is good weather proofed material and will keep your items nice and dry in the snow if you’re dropping into deep powder or if you’re skiing while it’s snowing.

The rolltop function allows you to keep items that don’t need to be accessed frequently, in the main compartment.  When the main flap is rolled up, it frees up the front zipper pocket to be easily accessible.  This is actually a large area and can fit a 13 inch Macbook Air.  This is where I put my camera or things where I need to access quickly when I’m on the mountain.

More Adventures in the South


It seems like everywhere you are in the South, there’s a picturesque place to find and explore.  Fields that stretch for miles that are just minutes away from big cities, nature everywhere waiting to be photographed and most importantly, experienced.


Horses and mules hang out behind the backyard in North Carolina.


Kayaking is always fun, especially as the leaves are changing colors as Fall comes to a close.


The waters are chillier in October, even in the South, so be sure to put on a sweater!


Kayaking into the sunset, we just wish we could stay beyond closing time and admire the stars the way that they should be admired, in pure darkness.