Portraits of Jennifer Roberts and Outtakes

Recap of my portrait session with Jennifer Roberts.


Seiko SARB fit for a Rolex


From a far, this highly resembles a Rolex or Tudor Oyster Date/Prince…that’s why I couldn’t keep it.  I hate to be a watch snob, but until the day I can afford a Rolex, I want something that is completely original with as little reference in design to one.  I love Seiko, especially their dive watches which I feel are the most original of their line up.

Bundling up with the Ball Fireman and Versace


Decided to change my strap out to a British racing green leather strap.  I’m pleasantly surprised by how well the color matches with a darker themed watch.  I’m pairing it with the only piece of Versace clothing I have.  I bought this sweater 12 years ago when Versace was going through some financial trouble and had to close down numerous satellite stores.  It was on sale for such a low price that I had to pick it up.

Seiko SKX007


Isn’t this one of the most beautiful watches you’ve ever seen?  At a sub $200 price tag, it is a bargain for the features and quality it possesses.  Shot with a Canon 6D, 50mm f2.5 Macro and 2 softboxes left and right.