Cycle Centric


My Bianchi Pista enjoying a beautiful Carolina sunset

I used to have a 10 mile round trip commute from apt to school.  I was in great shape, I mashed up and spun down hills all with a single speed with a ratio of 47×15, which was a pretty tall gear.

It built my calves, my quads and my glutes without the need for really going to gym and kept me in trim shape.  I miss those days.  My studio is too far for me to bike to and Charlotte just doesn’t have the infrastructure to support it at the moment.

Writing it down enables action.  Writing down that I will begin to bike again will jump start it.  Not to work or school, but around town, on purposeless trips from point A to point B just to soak up the views of the city and gain inspiration.  Your brain is working faster, your adrenaline is going and you’ll see things that wouldn’t have been seen otherwise without having to find a parking spot.  You can just go directly to it.  I for see discovering a lot of new locations for test shoots using this method.





Kelley D. shot in Lower Manhattan.

It’s too easy to just half ass retouching, I see it all too often.

I don’t want to half ass my work so i’d rather charge a little more and out source some of my retouching work (at least for the top notch models and talent) to a professional retoucher.

This was a model I shot recently in NYC for a portfolio development session.  It was my first time shooting in the Big Apple.  Every single alley, location, street corner breaths history, interest and culture.  It’s hard to take a boring photo in NYC.  I will definitely be returning to bolster my book there and make connections with top agencies there again soon.