Officina Battaglin Power +

The pinnacle of steel tubing. This is as high end and high tech as a material that’s been used since the beginning of cycling, can get. It is soft, supple and luxurious but also extremely responsive and very agile due it’s very strong Columbus Spirit steel. I’d say it still doesn’t quite have the “snap” of a carbon fiber bike, but it’s very close. I feel like I’m still dragging it up hills a bit whereas a carbon bike feels like it is propelling me. As far as road and speed holding, this bike is far superior than any carbon bike I’ve tested ridden.

There are some carbon bits to it that I’ve added to give it extra comfort and also decrease its weight even more. It sits at 17 lbs even now, which is exceptional for a steel bike.

It fits in well with all my other Italian bikes, except this one was actually hand made in Italy.