“The pictures have a reality for me that the people don’t. It is through the photographs that I know them” -Richard Avedon


Sometimes I wonder if people would even enjoy my company outside of work.  The people I connect with whether they’re 15 year olds or 60 year old CEOs, was that moment real? or was it just for a really great photograph?

I’ve learned to really force myself out of my shell with photography.  In a way, I genuinely enjoy meeting knew people, learning about their lives and making a deeper emotional connection with them, but how much of it is real on their part?  That’s the one thing that constantly bothers me about my line of work.

I see their realism in the photos, no one can fake emotions that I capture.  If I don’t capture it, then I keep poking and prying until I find a spot where they can open up and all usually within 30 minutes of meeting them.  So perhaps it is real, that one genuine moment that we have, it’s hard to ask for more than that.



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