I’ve been doing fashion photography for so long that I’ve finally started being paid for it a couple years back.  It seems to be all I know at this point, this artifice of advertising a person with just enough flaws that is accepted by society.  Let’s retouch away her wrinkles but leave the ones that look good ok?  Does anyone really want to see an Aerie ad completely un-retouched?? I doubt it.

I would though, I would love to see a woman with all her little rolls and stretch marks, eye bags and imperfection.  It’s what makes us human, ones collective experiences etched onto our bodies, like a road map of every heartache and joy we’ve felt.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m working on my retouching game.  I want people to look real, as close to the edge of what society deems acceptable.  Then I keep the genuine un-touched copy for my own collection, as a reminder of the moment we shared in the studio.