I went to NYC to attend a portfolio review with some highly esteemed magazine editors and photography agencies this week.  But before that, I hung out with my friend and fashion blogger extraordinaire Dathias Hoang of modernmanjournal.com who introduced me to Alicia Mara who runs Levitate Style with her boyfriend Leo Chan.  Both great fashion blogs based in NYC that I will read regularly now.  I did a quick photoshoot with Dat in the morning and at night, he invited me to the Remy Martin One Life campaign event.  It was really cool to see some celebrities such as Lavern Cox and Jeremy Renner who is actually fronting the Remy Martin campaign.

Thank you Dat for showing me a great time on my first trip to NYC!  


Dathias Hoang and Alicia Mara


Looking dapper as hell


Jeremy Renner…what…I’ve seen more celebrities in NYC in one night than I have all 4 years I was in Southern California.


Awesome live show by one of Jeremy Renner’s old pals.



Our little shoot in Soho.  I swear Soho is the place for people photography because it has the perfect lighting no matter what time of day, sunny or cloudy.


And of course, there’s me, trying to look dapper with the rest of the NYC fashion blogger royalty.